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Preparing for competition – a packing list

It’s finally competing season!  
Preparing for a competition can be stressful, but with a proper packing list and a bit of organization, you can make sure everything runs smoothly. Whether you’re competing in dressage, show jumping, or eventing, here’s a list of essentials to bring with you to competitions. 

Moonless Night

When it comes to clothing, it is important to make sure you have everything you need to look and feel your best in the arena. For dressage, a white saddle pad and matching dressage attire is a must, while in showjumping, a colorful saddle pad and jacket is more common since it is not as common to require all white gear. Here is a basic list of what to bring: 

  • Show jacket 
  • White/beige breeches (depending on discipline)  
  • Riding boots 
  • Helmet 
  • Riding socks 
  • Riding gloves 
  • Hairnet 
  • Overalls to protect your breeches from dirt and stains 

Next, you will need to pack all the necessary tack for your horse. Here are some items to consider bringing: 

  • Saddle 
  • White or colorful saddle pad (depending on the discipline)  
  • Bridle 
  • Horse boots or polo wraps 
  • Martingale or breastplate (if needed) 
  • Girth 
  • Number plate 
Black Edition

Having your horse look their best is important, especially in the competition ring. Here are some items to consider bringing to help with grooming: 

  • Brushes (curry comb, body brush, soft brush, mane comb, tail comb) 
  • Sponges  
  • Hoof pick 
  • Gloss spray  
  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Towels 

Here are some other items to consider bringing with you to the competition: 

  • Water bucket for your horse to drink from 
  • Hay net and feed for your horse 
  • A bottle of water to help you stay hydrated 
  • Snacks to keep your energy levels up while waiting for your turn in the ring 
  • First aid kit 
  • Fly spray 
  • Tack cleaning supplies 
  • Any required documents or certificates needed for your horse 
  • Horse candy 
  • Wet wipes 

With these preparations, we hope you will have the absolute best experience competing. Let’s try to minimize stress and focus on what’s important. Good luck! 
Team ES 


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