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Saddle Pads

Style meets performance with our diverse selection of saddle pads, tailored to your unique preferences. Our saddle pads are either lined with bamboo or High IQ Cool Comfort technology. Bamboo, a natural material known for its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties. It also effectively controls odors and provides thermal regulation for all year-round comfort. High IQ Cool Comfort technology swiftly absorbs sweat and dries quickly.

What sets them apart are the unique features they offer, such as bamboo lining, quick-drying, and thermal-regulating qualities. Below, we’ve prepared a guide that outlines the distinct features and design elements of each saddle pad.

We offer four different quilting patterns, enhancing both aesthetics and comfort in our saddle pads.

There are five different styles to choose from, encompassing designs such as the popular classic style, sporty mesh details, pearls or crystals along the edges, and a touch of glimmer.

Saddle pads

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