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Training Tops

Our training tops offer a blend of unique designs, functionality, and comfort. Most of the tops are crafted with recycled materials, and some are infused with crushed coffee beans, which helps control odor and maintain freshness longer. The addition of mesh details enhances breathability during intense workout sessions.

Our UV protection tops provides extra defense against the sun’s rays and offers ICE-COOL function. Through the blend of crushed coffee beans and nylon, this function can lower your body temperature by up to 2 degrees, ensuring you stay cool during warmer riding sessions.

What sets our training tops apart is the use of recycled materials, airy mesh details, UV protection, and the innovative use of embedded crushed coffee beans. Below, we’ve created a guide that outlines the distinct features and design elements of each top.

The addition of mesh details and UV protection provides exceptional comfort during sweaty riding sessions. This thoughtful design ensures you stay cool and dry, allowing you to concentrate on your performance without distractions.


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