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The Best Equestrian Stockholm Outfits for Competition Season: Style and Functionality Combined

Competition season is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about what to wear in the show ring. Equestrian Stockholm is a brand that combines style and functionality to create beautiful and practical clothing for riders. In this blog, we will highlight some of the best Equestrian Stockholm outfits for the competition season. 

Whether you are a dressage, eventing, or showjumping equestrian, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. While muted and earthy tones are more common in dressage, we also offer colorful options for those who practice showjumping or eventing!  

Black Edition

Show Jacket 

A show jacket is an essential item for any rider competing in dressage or jumping. The Equestrian Stockholm Show Jacket is a stylish and elegant option for any rider. The show jackets are made from a stretchy and breathable fabric that allows for freedom of movement, while the slim-fit design creates a sleek and sophisticated silhouette.    

Blue Meadow & Navy

White Breeches for Dressage 

Dressage riders are required to wear white breeches in the show ring. The Riding Breeches Elite White are a classic choice, with a flattering design and a comfortable and stretchy fabric that allows for mobility and movement. The Dressage breeches come with a full seat grip for added stability in the saddle and FEI-approved logo. Our white breeches are the perfect choice for any dressage competition, no matter what level.  

Elite White Breeches

Colorful Breeches for Jumping 

Jumping riders can typically add a pop of color to their competition outfits, this can easily be done with Equestrian Stockholm’s colorful breeches. The Riding Breeches come in a variety of fun and vibrant colors, including Amaranth, Sycamore Green and Bordeuax. The breeches are made from a breathable and stretchy fabric that is perfect for jumping, and the silicone knee grip provides the rider with added stability in the saddle. For those who prefer a bit more stretch, the Riding Tights Movement are the perfect choice.  

Elite Amaranth Breeches

Competition top 

A competition top is an important part of any show outfit. Equestrian Stockholm offers several options to choose from. The Crystal Champion Top Blue Meadow is a stylish and practical choice, with a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry in the show ring. Decorated with beautiful crystals along the collar edge and crystal buttons at the front which will make you stand out from the crowd when competing.   

Crystal Champion top Blue Meadow

Riding Stocks 

For dressage riders, the riding stock is a traditional and classy accessory for competing. A riding stock is a kind of tie that is used over your show shirt, but below the show jacket to add an extra bit of finesse. Riding stocks can come in different styles with, for example, pearls, crystals, or other kinds of beading. Stock ties are typically white to maintain a classic look.  

Stock Tie Queen Bordeaux

In conclusion, Equestrian Stockholm offers a wide range of stylish and practical clothing options for riders competing in equestrian disciplines. From classic show jackets to colorful breeches, our products combine style and functionality to create the perfect competition outfit. So, whether you’re heading to the dressage ring or the jumping arena, Equestrian Stockholm has got you covered.



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