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Keep Your Horse Warm with an Exercise Blanket

Whether we riders call it a quarter sheet, an exercise blanket, or a riding blanket we’re all talking about one essential piece of horse clothing designed to keep a horse’s hindquarters warm. This is especially important when riding in cold or inclement weather. It ensures the horse’s large and vital muscles in the quarters stay warm and dry, which is essential for their comfort.

Typically, exercise rugs are crafted from insulating, moisture-wicking, and breathable materials. You can find them in both fleece fabric and traditional wool. If you’re riding in harsh conditions, there are water- and windproof exercise rugs available, providing warmth in damp, chilly weather. These rugs attach easily to the saddle with a hook-and-loop system in the front and a tail cord to keep them in place at the back.

The use of an exercise rug depends on various factors, including the horse’s condition, whether they’re clipped, the ride’s intensity, and the outside temperature. Some riders use them during the warm-up phase to prevent the horse’s muscles from cooling down too quickly after exercise. Others keep the rug on throughout the entire ride, especially during outdoor or trail rides.

The design of these rugs often includes a cutout to accommodate the rider’s seat and saddle, allowing it to be worn over or under the rider’s thighs. The hemline is contoured to provide direct contact between the rider’s lower legs and the horse’s body.  

Equestrian Stockholm offers an exclusive exercise blanket crafted from water-resistant material. These exercise rugs boasts 600D ripstop fabric, meaning it’s incredibly durable and tear-resistant. Designed in various colors and reflective piping along the brim and attaches to your saddle with a Velcro strap at the front.

In terms of sizing, Equestrian Stockholm offer sizes, suitable for every horse, from pony to full size.

Exercise Blankets

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