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Equestrian Academy’s Carl Hester Clinic x Equestrian Stockholm

In October, Equestrian Academy, in collaboration with Equestrian Stockholm, organized a highly appreciated clinic featuring the British Olympic rider, Carl Hester, at Täby Ryttarcenter. This clinic was the only one in Europe where Carl Hester participated during the year and garnered significant interest both nationally and internationally.

Born in 1967, Carl Hester is a prominent British dressage rider with an impressive track record, including a gold medal in the team dressage event at the 2012 Olympic Summer Games. Known for his gentle and skillful riding style and iconic status, Carl Hester attracted a full audience at Täby Ryttarcenter. During the clinic, he shared his expertise with riders at various levels, from the promising 5-year-old team Skyline To B, ridden by Carl Hedin, to the internationally successful Lord Django, with Caroline Darcourt in the saddle.

Equestrian Stockholm was like previous years a proud partner of the event. The riders was wearing our best-selling Next Generation jacket in Navy, while the horses wore our competition saddle pad, White Perfection Silver, in a unique team edition, along with White Silver polo wraps.

Behind the successful clinic stands Lovisa Degreef Beselin, who runs Equestrian Academy. There, she provides dressage training, organizes clinics, and is involved in the sale of dressage horses.

The clinic featured the following riders:

  • Carl Hedin on the 5-year-old Skyline To B
  • Vendela Eriksdotter Rubin on the 7-year-old Diploid
  • Caroline Darcourt on the 13-year-old Lord Django
  • Karin Persson on the 12-year-old Giuliano B
  • Angelica Byström on the 10-year-old Brissago
  • Jennifer Svensson on the 7-year-old Stradivariuz
  • Cecilia Bergåkra on the 6-year-old Mafioso
  • Junior rider Nicole Crona on the 13-year-old Domino Dancing
  • Young Rider Tilda Nydahl Sund on the 7-year-old First for Fame

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