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Edwina Tops-Alexander

Edwina Tops-Alexander is more than just an equestrian icon from Australia; she’s a testament to how early passions can shape monumental careers. Growing up in Sydney, her weekends were spent on a farm, fostering a connection with horses that would later propel her to global acclaim in the show jumping arena.

In 1998, the allure of competing against world-class talent drew her to Europe. There, with tenacity and dedication, she garnered remarkable accolades. She clinched 4th place at the 2006 World Equestrian Games, secured victories in the Longines Global Champions Tour Championship twice, and is steadfast in her pursuit of an Olympic medal and another LGCT Championship win.

But Edwina’s journey extends beyond accolades. She emphasizes the philosophy of continuous learning, urging others to draw inspiration from each encounter. A testament to this philosophy is her deep bond with her ‘heart horse’, Itot de Chateau, affectionately known as “Toti”. Despite being considered smaller than the usual champion horse, Toti not only represented Edwina in two Olympics but also clinched victories for her in the Global Champions Tour in 2011 and 2012.

Outside the equestrian world, Edwina’s passion for fashion has made significant imprints. Formerly an ambassador for iconic brands like Gucci and now in collaboration with Equestrian Stockholm, her endeavors encapsulate her broader vision for equestrianism—a seamless blend of performance and style.

In 2022, her entrepreneurial spirit birthed Toti Equestrian, a jewelry brand that masterfully infuses daily wear with symbolic equestrian motifs. This venture is not just a nod to her treasured bond with Toti but also a reflection of core values: resilience, connection, and purpose. In tandem, she launched the Itot Foundation, underlining her commitment to societal well-being by promoting equine therapy for individuals with disabilities.

Although she resides in Monaco, Edwina’s heart holds a special place for Australia. With unwavering optimism, she sees a promising horizon for equestrian sports in her homeland, continually expressing gratitude for the steadfast support from her Australian compatriots. Through her multifaceted endeavors and unwavering success, Edwina Tops-Alexander remains a beacon of determination, elegance, and visionary leadership in the equestrian world.

“The best thing about being a part of team ES is that they have a beautiful selection of riding and horse apparel, and they have a great vison for the future. I’m very proud to be working with ES”.

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