Nicolette Hirt

Team rider

Nicolette Hirt

Nicolette is an experienced international showjumper from the U.S. Some of her greatest achievements include being in the top three during the U25 final in Salzburg and in the top ten in her first 5* Grand Prix with her horse Chatou. This was very special for Nicolette because she and Chatou did all their first biggest classes together.

Nicolette’s first experience with horses was when her father brought her and her sister to feed carrots to the horses down the street when she was five years old. Ever since that moment, she was absolutely hooked and knew that this is what she wanted to do. Her family had nothing to do with horses initially and in the beginning her family had Western horses. Her first horse was named Magic. Magic was wild, but she taught Nicolette how to always get back up again and that riding is a very humbling sport. When she was ten years old, an instructor discovered Nicolette and her sister teaching themselves how to canter and introduced them to Show Jumping. This instructor became her first trainer in Show Jumping.   

Nicolette’s goal is to continue developing the young horses she currently has, and she is aiming to be on some Nations Cup teams next year. Over this last past year, she has seen some incredible development with her horses and there is such an immense satisfaction in seeing them progress to higher levels within the sport. Her most valuable tip to others is to constantly learn, especially when riding different horses. It all comes down to you to be the best that you can be and to bring out the most from your horse. She also believes it is crucial to find positivity and to analyze your rounds to see what you can improve.

“The best thing about working with Equestrian Stockholm is that they are genuinely lovely people to work with. The products are of fantastic quality, whether it be riding clothes or horse gear.”.

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