Ride Against Cancer

An important campaign

Ride Against Cancer

Each year, a staggering number of nearly 20 million people worldwide are affected by cancer, with breast cancer being the most prevalent form.

Recognizing the urgency and significance of this issue, Equestrian Stockholm has been wholeheartedly engaged in a longstanding partnership with Ride Against Cancer. It is an inherent belief of ours to stand firmly behind their remarkable endeavors.


A person that inspires us a lot is our co-worker at Equestrian Stockholm – Mika Thalén. When Mika was diagnosed with cancer, the barn was her free zone. Her horses and her friends in the barn were a huge support for her in her road to recovery.

“I realized what a big part the horses have had in my life. I don’t know where I would have been without them” – Mika Thalén

The day after her last surgery, the idea was born to start an organization that could help and support others diagnosed with cancer. In 2016 she founded Ride Against Cancer. A non-profit organization that is actively working to unite riders and their families in the fight against cancer. With different fundraising projects, they donate funds to important cancer research.

“We really want to unite all the horse people in the fight against cancer” – Mika Thalén

Equestrian Stockholm’s Pink Campaign

Every year, roughly 2.3 million women are confronted with the daunting battle against breast cancer. In this critical fight, Equestrian Stockholm proudly stands shoulder to shoulder with Ride Against Cancer, demonstrating unwavering support for their extraordinary efforts.

In the face of breast cancer’s harrowing statistics, Equestrian Stockholm launches its highly anticipated Pink Campaign, rallying supporters to join forces against this formidable adversary. Offering special prices on all pink products and allocating 5% of profits.