The story behind the product

Each piece of the Equestrian Stockholm apparel is meticulously crafted with the rider and horse’s comfort and functionality in mind, mirroring the attention to detail found in the act of riding itself. Explore the fascinating journey behind the creation of some of our most unique products by delving deep into the design process through the exclusive article series, “The Story Behind the Product”.

mesh grip saddle pad

In our ongoing quest to refine the fit of our saddle pads, we sought to introduce a non-slip function to prevent chafing. Drawing inspiration from our riding breeches and the feedback of our community, a revolutionary design feature was born: the Sportive saddle pad with grip-mesh.


As riders, we always strive to protect our horses, but we need to do so without causing them discomfort in the long run. The challenging balancing act of safeguarding the horse’s legs against hits and impact while minimizing the risks associated with overheating has resulted in a new type of brushing boot, optimized for breathability.


Compression breeches, as flexible as tights and as elegant as classic riding breeches, reach new heights with the most challenging color: white. Tailored upon the request of Olympian showjumping and dressage riders Edwina Tops-Alexander from Australia and Therese Nilshagen from Sweden.