Protecting a well-fitted saddle, tailored to both horse and rider, from wear and tear is invaluable. A saddle pad not only safeguards against sweat and dirt, preserving the delicate leather, but it also needs to provide comfort for the horse during rides.

The ES saddle pads go beyond protecting the saddle; they actively enhance your horse’s comfort during intense training sessions or rides in hot weather. As our designers delved deeper into optimizing comfort, it became evident that another a much-desired feature was needed: a new type of non-slip function to prevent the saddle from chafing.

Embracing the Challenge

We aimed to incorporate a grip material covering a substantial area to accommodate various saddle types and horse backs. The challenge was to maintain the saddle pad’s breathability while achieving this goal. The design team turned to the silicone pattern found on our riding breeches, contemplating its application on saddle pads. 

The breakthrough came with the release of our new Sportive saddle pad model, which featured a decorative mesh pattern detail on top. Customers questioned the purpose, wondering if it was merely for aesthetics. While originally it was to impart a sporty feel, the design team suggested it could also serve as a high-performance feature.

A Unique Combination

The breathable and flexible mesh fabric, enhanced with a silicone coating, proved to be the ideal non-slip component – ensuring no chafing, no slipping, while retaining breathability and maintaining its fit and performance even after numerous washes. A truly unique design feature that shows the significance of the ES community but also emphasizes our unwavering commitment to constant improvement. You’ll find it on the Sportive saddle pads in the Dark Venice and Black Raven collections.

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