Tullstorp Dressage Stable

Tullstorp Dressage Stable is a well-known international educational and sale stable for dressage horses of the highest standard. Tullstorp is owned and run by Jan Brink who is one of Sweden’s most well-known and merited riders of all time. Jan has 7 international medals, 7 Swedish Championship gold medals, 3 time Olympic medallist, winner of the Grose Preis of Aachen, and was ranked number one for the entirety of the 2005 season.

With this unique foundation of equine knowledge and the invaluable experience competing amongst the very best in his field, Jan knows exactly what it takes to go all the way and this is felt and seen at Tullstorp: there is a profound passion for horses, impeccable attention to detail, emphasis on quality, as well as the ability to constantly improve and develop to reach a higher level – these are key values that Tullstorp and Equestrian Stockholm both share.

“We create and produce both riders and horses at the highest level and we work solely for quality! Our goal is to create an exclusive and exceptional experience for our customers, where their horses are the focal point. We believe that Equestrian Stockholm share the same foundational values and with this new partnership they can help contribute to help provide our customers with the exclusive feeling and lifestyle they seek when they turn to us.”

”Being surrounded by horses is a lifestyle that can last a lifetime
– let us help you make your dreams of that lifestyle come true”

The Brink Family

We very much look forward to many years of exciting collaborations around the development of our industries with our shared foundational values, with the hope to help make people’s dreams come true.

Get to know Jan Brink

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Tyringe just 20 minutes from where we live now. I grew up in a rather poor neighborhood and played hockey all day.

When did you first come in contact with horses?
At the local riding school. Some girls from our class invited the boys to come and join a riding lesson. I happened to get the feeling for it very easily and they were very impressed so I kept going back and then I became fanatic with the horse and everything around it, the lifestyle.

What are your biggest achievements in dressage so far?
I have 7 international medals (among others an individual silver medal), 7 Swedish Championship gold medals and I have competed at 3 Olympics but I believe my biggest achievement was when I did a hattrick and won all three days as well as the total Grosse Preis in Aachen 2005 and was ranked no. 1 in the world.

What is your goal going forward?
My goal is to continue producing the best horses and riders for the top sport and continue to develop my business.

Have you any tips to someone who want to be a successful rider?
To become a successful rider takes a lot more than just to learn the technique of riding – a lot of people can do that. To become successful you also need a good match of horse that has the possibilities of competing at the highest level. Furthermore, you need a team around you that supports you in all ways and then you need the most important of them all – the drive and will to get there! It takes time and hard work to become a successful rider and without that you will get nowhere.

Do you have any fun fact about you and/or your horse that not many people know about?
I am very passionate about modern art and I believe that dressage is a crossover of sport and art.

What is the best thing about working with Equestrian Stockholm?
We share many ground values with Equestrian Stockholm, among others exclusivity, quality and the wish to inspire people to follow their dreams and goals.

Which are your top 4 favorite products from Equestrian Stockholm and why?
• Saddle pads – they fit the horses well, great function as well as the clean, elegant and exclusive design.
• Fleece blankets – again they fit the horses very well, great material and a very nice design with the fake fur collar that makes them very soft to the horses and exclusive in the design
• Jackets – great design, light and easy to wear and easy to wash
• Boots – the fake fur is perfectly soft and in a thin layer so it is not too hot for the horses and still easy to brush and keep clean and again with a great design and super materials.

Jan's favorites